Our exclusive handcrafted candles are 100% natural beeswax from central Florida. 

No artificial colors or chemicals added.


Warning: Promotes relaxation and feelings of mental tranquility.


Our Scents:


Frankincense/Vanilla: Rich woodsy earthy scent with a hint of sweet vanilla. Ingredients: Essential oils, granulated Frankincense resin

Cinnamon/Myrrh:  Spicy, and smokey balsamic  Ingredients:  Essential oils, granulated Myrrh resin

Pine/Lemongrass: Crisp, forest like aroma with a hint of citrus.                                                                 Ingredients: Essential oils, black pine natural resin and dried lemongrass

Lavender/Vanilla: Lightly floral, soft and clean aroma with undertones of soft vanilla.  Ingredients: French lavender essential oils, vanilla, and dried lavender

Bergamot/Camphor: Powerful and penetrating clearing up aroma with warm spicy citrus.                            Ingredients: Essential oils, granulated camphor